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Letter of Sheikh Nimr to His Mother before Execution

Today Saudi Arabia announced execution of the prominent Shia Muslim cleric Nimr al-Nimr who was kept in Saudi prison since July 2012.

The following text is the letter that Sheikh Nimr left to his mother before his martyrdom:

For My Patient Mother Umme Ja’far’:

My mother! always be grateful to God and accept the fate that is awaiting to you; because What God has foreordained for you is more better than its human one, and what he has chosen for us is more wisely than what we want for ourselves; It is true that we need to pray and to ask him anything but he knows our interests better than us.

Praise be to God, who orders people while they are living under the shadow of his rule, [so] nobody can change anything unless the will of God be at that way. My mom! Be aware that God is seer of what people are doing even the smallest one and [our works] are not out of his will; it is enough for us to know that what happens to us are only on the basis of divine providence and nothing else.

At the end, I leave you and all people to God who is the best guardian and protector.


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  1. Muslim s will face many injustices whilst living in WESTERN COUNTRIES – we simply have to build OUR COUNTRIES and learn from here – which we are NOT doing . We are building mosque s after mosque s but CANNOT build HOSPITALS or any sort of WELFARE STATE – – – – – – WE MUST SPEND MORE TIME PREACHING ON UNITY than continuously on women . But no matter how many time s I tell my learn ed Muslim scholar s – they take no notice . Pls learn from other communities eg. Hindu , Christian s , then you WILL PROGRESS . I hope you WILL take my views on board

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