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Search Engine Translates ‘Daesh’ as ‘Saudi Arabia’

Riyadh was left fuming after Microsoft’s Bing search engine translated ‘Daesh’, the Arabic name for the ISIL group, as ‘Saudi Arabia’, earning popularity for a true connotative translation with geopolitical value.

Some social media users in Saudi Arabia are angry at Microsoft after the search engine Bing translated “Daesh” into “Saudi Arabia”.

Meanwhile, a Microsoft spokesperson underlined that the issue is under investigation, adding that “our product team fixed the error in the automated translation within hours of learning about it.”

Yet, politicians and pundits across the world believe that if Microsoft has ever done one good thing, it has been the true translation of Daesh as Saudi Arabia.

According to several reports, a number of terrorist groups now belong to or are supported, financed and equipped by the Saudi Arabia.

The September 11 tragedy story also surfaced the media once again in April after the former US Senator Bob Graham disclosed that 28 redacted pages from the 9/11 Report show that high-ranking members of the House of Saud provided financial assistance and direct support to the terrorist hijackers.


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