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Saudi deputy crown prince: No talks with Iran, no halt in Yemen airstrikes

Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman has rejected the possibility of normalization of ties with Iran, after Tehran announces the possibility of deescalation if Riyadh halts Yemen bombardment.

“How do you have a dialogue with this (Iran)?,” said the Saudi King’s son on Tuesday during a televised interview.

He stressed that talks with Iran were impossible as Tehran’s goal was to “control the Muslim world.”

On Tuesday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that the Islamic Republic was ready to normalize ties with Riyadh if the Kingdom halted its bombardment of Yemen and stopped supporting extremist groups.

“If the Saudi government abandons its short-sighted policies, its support for Takfiri and extremist groups, and the war on Yemeni people, we are ready to help Iran-Saudi relations move in a constructive direction,” he said.


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