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Saudi prince will seek Trump’s backing for confrontation with Iran: Irish writer

Cockburn, who specializes in analysis of Iraq, Syria and US wars in the Middle East, made these remarks an article published by The Independent on Friday.

Cockburn said Prince Mohammed is “the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia since his father King Salman, 81, is incapacitated by old age.” The writer criticized the prince’s aggressive, reckless foreign policy approach, particularly his aggression against Yemen and Saudi support for al-Qaeda-linked militants in Syria.

He explained that the 31-year-old prince “has won a reputation for impulsiveness, aggression and poor judgment in the two-and-half years he has held power.”

Cockburn further said that “Prince Mohammed, who is also defense minister, is not a man who learns from his mistakes or even notices that he has made them.”

The veteran journalist predicted that during their meeting next week, the prince would seek Trump’s help in his confrontation with Iran.

“Trump has already ordered greater US support for the Saudi war effort in Yemen, but the deputy crown prince will be primarily bidding for US backing for his confrontation with Iran,” he wrote.

“Combine his [the Saudi prince’s] failings with those of Trump, a man equally careless or ignorant about the consequence of his actions, and you have an explosive mixture threatening the most volatile region on earth,” Cockburn observed.

In a shocking interview earlier this month with al-Arabiya TV, the Saudi defense minister rejected the possibility of normalization of ties with Iran, and threatened military intervention in Iran. “We will not wait until the battle is in Saudi Arabia, but we will work so the battle is there in Iran.”

Iran has condemned the Saudi deputy crown prince’s remarks, saying his diatribe against the Islamic Republic is a proof that the kingdom follows “confrontational and destructive policies” in the region and towards Tehran.



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