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US-Saudi War Crimes in Yemen on this Day 2 Years Ago (11th July 2015)


The Saudi Arabia and its alliance launched several airstrikes in (Taiz, Aden, Al-Dhale, Al-Baydha, Sa’ada, Hajja, Sana’a Capital, Shabwa, Lahjj, and Sana’a) that Killed more than (10) civilians, injured some others, destroyed residential houses, civilian facilities, hospitals, schools, courts, airports, bridges, targeted civilians at the public road, killed the passengers, civilian and service facilities, markets, and commercial compounds.

Casualties and damages:

In #Taiz province :
– Killed (2) children by the Saudi warplanes destroyed the civilian’s ( Murad AL-Saeed) house and damaged (17) others in Taiz.
-Several airstrikes targeted 60 St.
-Several airstrikes targeted Al-Thawra city, traffic U-Turn, Aman Mountain and Osiafera area.
– (1) Airstrike targeted a civilian house that destroyed completely in Al-Khasb neighborhood.
– (1) Airstrike targeted 40 Steet.
-(1) Airstrike targeted the house of Al-Sheikh (Damaj Al-Bahr) and destroyed it completely in Maawiah district.
– (1) Airstrike targeted a civilian house in Jarah Mountain.

In #Aden province:

-(1) Airstrike targeted tanker (Mitsubishi) (tpe) Model (2007) that carried fruits (Apple – Oranges) that cost (3.000.000 ) in Al-Areesh line after Green City, that belong to (Ali Saleh M. Al-Khathr) and the driver (Ali Ahmed Al-Thahrah).
-(6) Airstrikes targeted Khour Maksar area.
– (8) Airstrikes targeted Al-Moala area.
– (3) Airstrikes targeted judicial compound and destroyed it completely.
– (3) Airstrikes targeted Aden International Airport.
– (3) Airstrikes targeted (22) May stadium completely destroyed it.
– (2) Airstrikes targeted Al-Rehab tour.
– (2) Airstrikes targeted Kraitar area.
– (1) Airstrike targeted the line of Abyan coast.

In #Al-Dhalea province:

– (3) Airstrikes targeted Qataba district.

In #Al-Baydha:

– Killed (8) civilians including women and children by the Saudi warplanes targeted a food car belongs to the civilian (Khalid Ahmed AL-Wadeai) , another car belongs to (Hussein Saleh AL-Awadeai) and (2) fuel tankers that burnt it.

In #Sa’ada province:

– (2) Airstrikes targeted Haydan district.
– (2) Airstrikes targeted Al-Magash area, Sahar district and destroyed (3) farms and damaged (9) houses.
– (3) Airstrikes targeted the bridge that links between Haydan and Al-Dhaher districts and destroyed it.
– (3) Airstrikes targeted Al Al-Saifi and damaged 11 houses.
– (1) Airstrike targeted Baqim hospital and destroyed it in Baqim district.
– Several airstrikes targeted Al-Anad area.
– (3) Airstrikes targeted Shada Airport.
– (1) Airstrike targeted Al-Natheer area, Razih district.
– (1) Airstrike targeted Al-Khrasheeb area.
– (3) Airstrikes targeted Al-Mnzalah.
– They bombed Al-Malil area, Ketaf district.
– Several airstrikes targeted the building of The Security Administration in AL-Safra’ district.
In #Hajja province:
-Several airstrikes targeted Al-Amaliqah School and destroyed it Haradh district.
– (1) Airstrike targeted the Aziz Mall, Haradh district.
– (2) Airstrikes targeted Haradh Valley and destroyed one farm and damaged one another.
In #Sana’a Capital:
– (2) Airstrikes targeted the outpatient of the Military Hospital and damaged many clinics and nearby houses, caused casualties, and damaged (4) facilities The Military School, The Military Works, AL-Khoyool Hall at (22) May Street, and The Work Party Center.

In #Shabwa province:

-The Saudi warplanes targeted several areas in Ataq City.

In #Sana’a PROVINCE:

– (4) Airstrikes targeted AL-Orqoub area, Khawlan district.

In #Lahjj province:

– Several airstrikes targeted The Communication Network in Bait Ayadhi, AL-Saber district.


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