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Jordanian investor detained in Saudi Arabia: Report

Saudi Arabia has reportedly arrested Sabih al-Masri, prominent Jordanian investor and chairman of the Arab Bank, as uncertainty grows among foreign businessmen about the future of their investment in the kingdom.

Citing some Arabic-language media outlets, the Middle East Eye (MEE) news portal reported that Masri was taken into custody on his way to the airport in the Saudi capital on Wednesday and thus failed to attend the Arab Bank board meeting in Amman the same day.

Sources close to Masri said that he was cautioned against travelling to Saudi Arabia prior to his trip, but the investor said he had nothing to fear there.

Jordanian mediators’ attempts to reach out to Saudi authorities was said to have been failed because Marsi holds a Saudi citizenship.

After his arrest, the Jordanian reportedly made two phone calls with top executives in the Arab Bank and a close associate.

Hind Khlaifat, the CEO of Arab social media startup Alocloud, highlighted Masri’s investments in the Jordanian economy.

“In Jordan, our economy depends on Sabih; don’t let our economy be destroyed overnight. A message in a Tweet for [Saudi Crown Prince] Mohammed bin Salman, with kind regards,” she tweeted.



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