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Saudi Wahabi:We Torture and Kill Every Supporter of Shia

saudi_wahabiHuman rights defender Mr Munir Baqir Ebrahim Al-Jassas, (aged 30), remains in detention at the Intelligence Service Headquarters in Dammam, eastern Saudi Arabia, and as yet has not been informed about whether he has been officially charged or convicted for committing an offence.Shiite News reported.

Further Information

To date, Munir Al-Jassas has not been informed about any official charges, however, on 28 August 2010, he was asked to sign a “confession”, which was a collection of statements he had made while being interrogated.

On 1 September 2010, he was taken to the lower court in Dammam were he was asked to read the same “confession” and sign it before a religious judge. In the written “confession” Munir Al-Jassas reportedly stated that:

1. I wrote on internet forums using my real name and I am a general instructor for “Tahera” Forums;

2. I wrote a comment on the article, To his Highness the Minister on Al-Awamia website which can be found at:

3. I noticed an article written by my sister, commented on it, and did not remove it;

4. I read articles by Nemr Baqr Al-Nemr (Shi’a cleric) and commented on some of them;

5. I wrote a comment on an article related to the Emir (the Prince);

6. The Shi’a in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are oppressed;

7. I am seeking a job;

8. The telephone line connected to the internet is in my name;

9.My sister posted an article using my niece’s name. Initially I did not confess to this because I was concerned for the safety of my niece and my sister, who had recently married;

10. I posted a comment on an article related to the arrest of Mohammed the son of Nemr Al- Nemr”

Munir Al-Jassas has reportedly not been told whether this court appearance was part of an investigation or a “trial on camera”. He has not been informed of any trial procedures or any decision with regard to a sentence, nor has he been allowed access to a lawyer.

During his detention Munir Al-Jassas spent four months in solitary confinement. Thereafter, his wife and members of his family were allowed visit him. However, the family were recently informed that under new prison regulations family visitation rights will be subject to restrictions.

His wife and other family members will only be permitted one visit respectively per month. This will hinder his family’s ability to monitor what is happening to Munir. Although prison regulations permit prisoners to send one letter per month, Munir Al-Jassas was reportedly only permitted to send one letter every three or four months.

With regard to prison conditions, Munir Al-Jassas’s prison cell, as well as those of other detainees, are occasionally stormed by security agents wearing a disguise to conceal their identities. During these raids all the detainees are reportedly subjected to severe physical assaults.

Although prison regulations provide that each prisoner will be visited daily by a staff member who will look after individual daily needs, such visits only take place once a month and as such, there is an inadequate amount of time for prisoners to express their needs.

As a result, requests made by Munir Al-Jassas over the last five months, including a request to be transferred to another non-smoking cell, have not been dealt with. As such, Munir continues to suffer headaches because of the smoke. Religious books based on Shi’a beliefs have also been prohibited by prison authorities.

To read a previous appeal on Munir Al-Jassas please refer to: Previous Front Line Appeal on behalf of Munir Al-Jassas

Front Line is particularly concerned for the physical and psychological integrity of Mr Munir Al-Jassas who is allegedly subjected to frequent beatings and physical abuse while in detention.

Front Line is seriously concerned that the Saudi Authorities have been holding Mr Munir Al-Jassas for over one year in arbitrary detention and as yet have failed to officially charge, try or convict him. Front Line also condemns the Saudi authorities for denying Mr Munir Al-Jassas access to a lawyer. Holding Mr Munir Al-Jassas in arbitrary detention and denying him legal representation amount to grave breaches of international human rights law.Muslims

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