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Ignorant Saudi Wahhabis Removed all Hussaini Banners from al-Qatif Streets

ignorant_saudi_wahabisOn 8 December 2010 , the Saudi security Wahhabi forces removed all Hussaini banners , posters , black flags and signs fixed on the streets of Tarout town , Rabi’yah, al-Monairah and Turkiyah districts in al-Qatif , in the occasion of Shi’a holiday of Ashura in the town of Rumaila in Ahsa.

The banners displayed the narrations of Prophet Mohammad about Imam Hussein, as well as quotes by the Imam himself.In Safwa town  in al-Qatif , the security Wahhabi forces forced a shopkeeper to remove a black sign suspended up the shop displayed a verse  of poetry glorifies Imam Hussein .

It is worth mentioning that in January 2009 , Saudi municipality staff escorted by a security team and a police convoy removed all Hussaini signs and banners from the streets of the town of Rumaila in Ahsa, leaving most streets fairly clear of any bystanders, then insensibility burned them in front of people .


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