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Saudi Wahhabis Shut Down Imam Hussain Mourning Gatherings

saudi_wahabisSaudi Wahhabi Authorities Shut Down Imam Hussain Mourning Gatherings in al-Hasa,Under the order of ( Badr bin Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Jalawi Al Saud ) the governor of Al-Ahsa , the General Intelligence al-Mabaheth al-`Amma of Al-hsa and al-Mutawwa’in (the members of the Committee to Promote Virtue and Prevent Vice) , launched a campaign to shut down at least 21 Hussaini Memorial gatherings “Majlis,” , held  by Shiites in Hussainiyas (gathering places) or in private homes .

Al-Mabaheth al-`Amma of Al-Ahsa summoned the religious scholar (Sayyid Yousif al-Ali , the teacher Mohammad al-Isa , Sayyid Hassan the son of the notable Sayyid Naser al-Ali and the businessman Hassan Isa al-Ali ) from the eastern town of Rumailah in Al-Ahsa and forced them to sign pledges declaring they would never again participate in such religious activities in future under an allegation that they had no permission to hold as these gatherings . They were also obliged not to held feminine Hussaini Memorial gatherings “Majlis,” , in private homes .

Al-Mabaheth al-`Amma also summoned Sayyid Mohammad al-Hassan the administrator of the Hussainiya of al-Fatimiyah and the administrator of the Hussainiya of al-Zahra in Rumailah town , told them to close their Hussainiya  at 12 P.M .

Shiites in Saudi Arabia are subject to officially sanctioned religious and economic discrimination. The Saudi authorities put restrictions on Shi’a religious practices and do not permit a freedom to Shiites in the Eastern Province city of Qatif, al-Hasa and Dammam .

Saudi Wahhabis Prevented Holding Shia Poetry Festival for Imam Hussain (A.S) in Qatif

Meanwhile On 17 December 2010 , the Saudi Wahhabi forces prevented Shiites in Qatif to hold a Poetry Festival ( The Poets of al-Taf ) in the commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain during the holiday of Ashura which is held every year in the mosque of Imam Jawad in Qal’a district in Qatif and are joined by many poets.

In the same day , the administrator of the mosque of Imam Jawad was asked by the al-Mabaheth al-`Amma to present himself at the center of al-Mabaheth and forced him to sign an undertaking not to hold the Festival .

The General Intelligence justifying their measure on the grounds of not obtaining permission from the authorities in advance and the order of ( Abdulla al-Othman  ) the governor of Al-Qatif .

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