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Burial Ceremony of Sheikh Mohammed Ali Al Amri Amid of Thousands Shia Believers in Jannatul Baqi

aytullah_ameriThe body of Sheikh Muhammad Ali al Amri, top Saudi Shia religious figure and leader of Shias in Medina was buried in the cemetery of Jannat ul Baqee near the Shiite holy Imams and other faithful people.

According to the informed sources, despite the high-security of Saudi wahhabi forces, hundres of thousands Shias and non-Shias attended the ceremony.

Top religious figures from Saudi and other countries participated to the funeral ceremony of Sheikh Mohammad Ali Amri.

Sheikh Muhammad Ali Al Amri most prominent Shiite clerics in Arab countries was dead on Monday at the age 100 after a long struggle with the disease.

He was the first Shia figure in Medina called the Shia Scholar Father among Arab people; he was born in Medina in 1911 and went to Najaf when he was 16.

Sheikh Al Amari studied in the seminary and utilized the knowledge of Islamic scholars such as Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Mozaffar, Ayatollah Mohammad Hossein Mozaffar, Ayatollah Mohammad Javad Moghniye, Ayatollah Seyyed Moslem Helli, Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Al-Sadegh, Seyyed Bagher Al- Shakhs, Sheikh Mohammad Taghi Faghih, Ayatollah Naeini, and Ayatollah Seyyed Abul Hasan Esfahani.

After studying in Najaf, he returned to Medina in 1950 and started teaching in this city. Sheikh Al Amari whom most of Shia people said their prayers behind offered social and religious services for minorities in Medina.

This Shia scholar like other scholars was not safe from Wahhabis and spent 45 years in Wahhabis’ prisons and was released some years after the victory of Islamic revolution.

To active and knowledgeable people in Saudi Arabia, he could reach to an import social and revolutionary position in this country.

“Sheikh Mohammad Ali Al Amari suffered a lot and Saudi Arabia government sentenced him to execution so many times,” said Shirazi, the expert in Saudi Arabia issues and underlined,” but fortunately these ordered never executed because those gave these orders faced with different problems.”

Sheikh Al Amari went to prison because of issuing some statements about Shia peoples’ right in Saudi Arabia and was sentenced to execution but God saved him.

He studied many years in Najaf and few years in Iran. He came to Tehran, Qom and Mashhad and get in touch with Iranian scholars. “He did not say anything to us but we know he followed the news and issues of Iran carefully,” Shirazi said.

Suffering from Hepatic lesions, Sheikh Muhammad Ali Al Amari went to coma last Monday and was transferred to the ICU section of the National Medina hospital.

All Muslims prayed a lot for his healing, but he passed away in Arbaeen at the age of 100 years.

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