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Saudi Wahhabi Authorities Released 19 Shiite Juveniles and Arrested Other Citizens

shiitenews_Saudi_Wahhabi_AuthoritiesSaudi Wahhabi authorities released on 20 May 2011 nineteen Shiites juveniles who spent more than nearly two months in jail without trial on charges of participating in peaceful demonstrations in Qatif.

Before their release , the authorities summoned their parents to attend the procedures for the release of their sons.

The head of the official follow-up committee of prisoners in Qatif and two members attend the procedures of the release.

The boys spent the period of their detention, which lasted more than two months in the juveniles prison, of social observation at the  Social Observation Home ( Dar Al-Dammam ) . They are all between 14 and 17 years old .

On the other hand , the Saudi authorities released five Shiites prisoners.

The arrest of the five came following their involvement in peaceful demonstrations in last month in Qatif to protest

The five young citizens were (Maher Mubarak , Ali Talala , Kifah Al Freij , Mosa Al-Saffar and Joseph Talala , all from Qatif ) .

They were arrested a few weeks ago when they taken away from a checkpoint on one Qatif’s street .

In return, reliable sources said that the authorities had arrested two other young Shiiets citizens ( Mohammad Hussain Al Ammar and Ali Jaafar al-Huneidi ) from the town of Awwamiya .

Al Ammar and al-Huneidi were summoned to the police station and were transferred to al-Dammam police center .

Knowledgeable sources said that the Shi’ite human activist Fadhel Makki al-Manasef was transferred to the General Intelligence (Al-Mabahith Al-‘Aamma) of al-Dammam .

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