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Saudi Authorities Released 8 Innocent Shiite Prisoners

shiitenews Saudi Authorities Release  8 Innocent Shiite-Prisoners On 22 September 2011 , the Saudi Authorities released 8 Shiite prisoners who were detained under the pretext of taking part in peaceful demonstrations taking place in the city of Qatif last March.

The list of detainees who were released included the citizens :  Mohammad al-Akroush , Ali Osheeh , Mohammad Al Salim , Ali Al Yateem , Hussain al-Jassas and Fathi al-Rashid .

  The mentioned citizens served six Month Prison Sentence after being detained for six months in al-Mabahith al-Ammah of al-Qatif. 

On the other hand , the Saudi Authorities released in the beginning of the current week , the citizen Qasim Ghareeb , from Sihat city after serving five Month Prison Sentence . Qasim Ghareeb was accused of trying to run over a policeman on one of police checkpoint in Qatif. 

It is worth to mention that nearly 30  protesters were arrested and remain in detention since last May on charges of involvement in the demonstrations in al-Qatif called for political rights for Shi’a minority , lifting of sectarian discrimination as well as the release of religious prisoners and the nine prisoners who are detained on suspicion of Khobar bombing against of the U.S. troops.

In return, there were no reports of the writer and human rights activist Nadhir al-Majid, who was detained on April 17 2011 from al-Khobar city without charge under the pretext of taking part in peaceful demonstrations of al-Qatif .

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