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Saudi Shia Cleric, Sheikh Nemr Refuses Use of Violence against Security Forces

SHIITENEWS SAUDI SHEIK NEMAR BAQIRSheikh Nemr Baqir al-Nemr prohibited the use of violence against the security forces emphasizing that “Our position is not responding to lead bullets with firearms.”
In his Tuesday night speech in Imam Hussein Mosque in Awamiya town in Qatif, he identified his approach to acquire religious and political rights through the use of “the roar of the word.”  He said that there were some who used arms, literally: “We do not accept this. This is not our practice. We will lose it.  It is not in our favor.” He stated: “This is our approach [use of words].

We welcome those who follow such attitude. Nonetheless, we cannot enforce our methodology on those who want to pursue different approaches that do not commit to ours.”  He recommend that young people maintain their mental fortitude and direct their enthusiasm and emotions toward the use of the word.  He stressed that: “The weapon of the word is stronger than the power of lead.” He accused the authorities for provoking the public by shooting in the streets for hours.
 On Tuesday night, the streets of the town were devoid of any aspects of security and therefore tranquility prevailed after two days of fighting between the civilians and the security forces, during which live bullets and stones were used.
 The authorities on Sunday arrested two elderly men to pressure their sons to surrender to the police which led to the collapse of one of the two men after a sudden health crisis that instigated the anger of the community.
 Sheikh Nemr added: “The general approach for acquiring rights is the roar of the word.” He retorted: “We have the options of resisting bullets with bullets and we will certainly lose because the authority forces are stronger than ours by leaps.” He continued: “We are powerless when we face the regime with its choice of force. Unquestionably, this selection leads to failure.” He added: “The word is stronger than the hum of bullets; then, your choice is this, and this requires us not be trapped into the bet of regime.” He refused to use stones against the security forces or participating in protest marches while masked. He concluded: “The best, even stones are not needed in such situations. We do not need to hide. Whoever wants to be needs to unmask himself and bear the consequences of apprehension.

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