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Saudi Security Forces Detain Six Shiite Youths from Qatif

saudi shia youthSaudi security forces arrested six Shiite Muslims in different cities of Eastern province, Qatif, because of participating in an anti-regime peaceful protests to defy their certain rights.
On July 10, 2012 , Saudi security authorities arrested the two brothers “Hussain al-Bahr, 24 years”, and “Montazar al-Bahr, 22 years” from Qweikeb district in Qatif city.

The brothers al-Bahr were arrested during the peaceful demonstration, which organized by the people of “Qatif”.

Hussain al-Bahr had been taken to the military hospital in Dhahran with bullet wounds to his back, and, Montazar al-Bahr wounded in his neck with a bullet and taken to the same hospital.

On July 27, 2012, the Saudi security authorities at the check-point of the King Fahd Causeway between Bahrain to Saudi Arabia arrested the Shiite youth Mohammad al-Bahrani, from Qatif city.

In the same day a security patrol arrested the child Abdullah Hussain Al Faried, 13 years, from Safwa town in Qatif.

On August 1. 2012, a security force arrested the youth Ali Al Isma’el, 17 years, from Khmesa district in Qatif city.

He was arrested in the street when he was out of a shopping center.

Ali Al Isma’el is affected with Down syndrome.

On August 2. 2012, a security force arrested the youth “Mohammad al-Jam’an” during his going to his work.

On the other hand, the family of al-Ramadan said that it lost one close family member “Mohammad al-Ramadan, 23 years, from Qatif city for six days, then it knew from others that he was detained in Qatif police prison.


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