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Saudis demand release of political activists from jail

saudi qatif protestPeople have taken to the streets in the Saudi capital city of Riyadh, calling for the release of their loved ones from prisons across the kingdom.

The rally was held on Thursday as protesters marched on the road to al-Ha’ir prison, some 25 km south of Riyadh.
The families of the arrested also called on the government to stop the violation of human rights under the pretext of national security.

Saudi Arabia is known for its notorious prisons across the country, where over 30,000 political prisoners are held.

People are randomly arrest by the Saudi police just for looking suspicious, and are held behind bars for years before they are even charged.

On August 13, Sweden’s Defense Minister Karin Enstrom criticized the violation of human rights in Saudi Arabia.

The kingdom is “an authoritarian regime and an absolute monarchy, where serious human rights crimes are committed,” she said.


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