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Free Mujahideen’ Hackivists Retaliate to Attack on Grand Muslim Scholars Websites

hack1Hackivist group called ‘Free Mujahideen’ slashed a series of 23 websites hosted on the Saudi Sheikh bin Baz server on Wednesday, sources told 

This step came in retaliation for an earlier move done by a group of Saudi hackers, who had targeted the websites of Grand Muslim scholars, among which is the political detainee Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.

Among the websites hacked are Sheikh bin Baz, Sheikh Saleh al-Sabt, Sheikh al-Munjid, and Sheikh al-Khodeir.

The 23 hacked websites appeared in one unified form, signed by the ‘Free Mujahideen’. The Hackivist group had explained the reason behind their retaliation, citing that it is in response to the Wahhabi mind of Takfir (blasphemy) that condemns Muslims, Sunnis and Shiites alike.

The ‘Free Mujahideen’ said such mind aims at sowing strife among Muslims, and promised they will not allow the Takfiri group to triumph this battle, at least in cyber world.


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