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Saudi Shia and Sunni Muslims Urge Unity Against Extremism

saudi_shia_and_sunniThe need for unity among Shia and Sunni Muslims in Saudi Arabia to fight extremism was stressed by one of the country’s judiciary figures.

According to the report, Isaa Al-Qayth who was speaking at a meeting hosted by Sheikh Hassan As-Saffar,  Shia intellectual from Qatif, said the cause of religious disputes throughout the history has been worldly pursuits.

He added that differences among various religious groups can be eliminated through cooperation.

A number of religious figures, scholars, media activists and writers from Qatif, and Al-Dammam were present at the meeting where the need for unity was stressed.

Sheikh Hassan Al-Saffar said the enemies of Islam have been always trying to incite discord and divisions in the Islamic Ummah. “It is our duty to maintain our unity in this critical period.”

“It is a scholarly belief that unity, as not only a means for reaching our objectives, but as an Islamic value and a feature of a civilized society, is the best solution for the problems the Islamic world is facing,” he went on to say.

Source:Rasid news 

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