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Saudi Wahhabi Authorities Release 17 Innocent Shiite Detainees

jos_News_Saudi_Wahabi_ReleasedSaudi Wahhabi authorities on Friday released 17 Shiite detainees arrested during protests in the Qatif who spent more than three months in jail without trial. Majority of the detainees were under the ages of 17 years old.

Informed sources told that the detainees reached their homes on Saturday afternoon after facing the three months illegal imprisonment in  the Saudi jalis.

The release of the detainees  based on a meeting between the Deputy Governor of the Eastern Province and local leaders of the shiite Muslims of Saudia Arabia.

The authorities summoned the families of the detainees and told them that the order of release would include all the detainees and they would leave the jail on separated times.

The Saudi authorities are still holding for more than 140 Shiites accused of participation of last demonstrations in Qatif .

Peaceful Demonstrations occurred in Qatif and smaller cities in the Eastern Province such as al-Awamiyah, Safwa, and Hofuf in April and May.

Demonstrators called for the release of the so-called “Forgotten Prisoners,” nine Shia Saudis detained without charge or trial for over 12 years over unproven allegations of their involvement in the 1996 attacks on US military targets in Khobar that killed 19 Americans.

They also called for the Peninsula Shield Force to be withdrawn from Bahrain , for equal representation in key offices and for reforms in political positions, as they feel marginalized.

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