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Saudi Wahhabi Authorities Released 11 Shiite Prisoners

saudi_shiites_newsSaudi Wahhabi authorities released on Thursday 11 Shiite prisoners who were detained after taking part in a peaceful demonstrations in Qatif last May.

According to informed sources, there was a list of detainees circulated among human rights activists included 11 detainees among them: Kameel Razi al-Qar’an, Ahmad Mohammad Al Abdul Jabbar, Wa’el Ahmad Omair, Ahmad Abdullah al-Basha, Hussain Ahmad al-Shaikh, Hassan Abdullah al-Ojan, Natheer Mohammad al-Sho’la, Hassan Ali al-Ghozwi, Mohammad Abdul Aziz al-Saffar, Sayyid Ali al-Shorafa  and Foa’d Hussain al-Dawood.

The list of released prisoners included 9 prisoners from al-Dammam central prison and two from General Prison of al-Khobar.

Sources confirmed that the prisoners reached their homes early on Thursday morning.

The Saudi authorities are still holding for more than 100 Shiites accused of participation of last peaceful demonstrations in Qatif.

Hundreds of Saudi Shiites have staged peaceful demonstrations in Qatif in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia where most of them live to call for the release of the so-called “Forgotten Prisoners,” nine Shia Saudis detained without charge or trial for over 12 years over unproven allegations of their involvement in the 1996 attacks on US military targets in Khobar that killed 19 Americans.

They also called for the Peninsula Shield Force to be withdrawn from Bahrain, for equal representation in key offices and for reforms in political positions, as they feel marginalized.

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