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Anti-Islam Wahabi Dvorakovsky detained in Stavropol territory – source

shiitenews_arrestSuspected Wahabi Viktor Dvorakovsky, who was wanted federally, was detained in the village of Inozemtsevo in Stavropol Territory after he offered armed resistance early on Thursday, a source in territorial law enforcement services informed Interfax.

“A young man was stopped by police in Inozemtsevo last night for an ID check. The man shouted to them that he was Dvorakovsky and that he would blow them up if he is not allowed to go. He threw an improvised grenade at police which blew up, wounding one of the police  officers,” the source said.

“Police fired shots at the man when he was about to blow up another grenade. The grenade went off right in his hands. Dvorakovsky was injured and was detained. He sustained gunshot and blast wounds and is in the hospital,” he said.

Dvorakovsky was wanted federally for making, keeping and selling improvised explosive devices, other territorial law enforcement sources told Interfax.

“He is suspected of involvement in an explosion in an apartment in Pyartigorsk when a self-made bomb went off when it was being dried on a radiator. Dvorakovsky professes radical Islam,” a source said.

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