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Saudi Wahhabi Government Re-Opened Three Shia Mosques in al-Khobar

shiitenews_Saudi_Wahhabi_Government_Re_Opened_Three_Shia_Mosques_in_al_KhobarOn 18 July 2011 , the Saudi government re-opened three Shi’a mosques which have been closed before three years and permitted to hold prayers in them .

After efforts by Shi’a delegation met on Monday with the governor of Al-Ahsa Badr bin Muhammad bin Jalawi the governor of the Ahsa region .

The three mosques in Al Khobar city are: al-Khobar mosque with the Imamate Sayyid Hashim Ali al-Nasir al-Salman, al-Azizyah mosque  with the Imamate Sayyid Muhammad Baqir al-Nasir and the mosque of al-Thaqba mosque with the Imamate Saikh Yousif al-Mazeni.

In 2008, the anti-Shia Saudi wahhabi authorities, closed those three Shiite mosques in AlKhobar; under the pretext that they were established without an official license and arrested their Imams for some time.

It is worth to mention that the Saudi government does not finance the building of mosques for Shi’a and Ismailis and does not give permission to Shi’a to conduct religious services or to construct a mosque.

In 2009, the local authorities closed down several Ismaili places of worship in recent years in Al Khobar, Abqaiq, Jubail, Dammam, and Al Khafji  and called the custodian of those mosques and forced them to sign an undertaking to stop praying in them or they will be sent to jail.

In 2009 the Saudi authorities closed down the single Shia mosque in Dammam and prevented the Shia citizens to enter the mosque to hold Friday prayers.

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