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Saudi Forces Kill Protester, Wound Others

saudi martyrSaudi protesters have taken to the streets in the Eastern Province to express their anger about Riyadh’s brutal crackdown on anti-government demonstrations.

One Saudi Protester was killed and several others were injured as security forces open fire on peaceful demonstrators in the eastern province of Qatif.

Activists said the protester was first injured, but later on he died at the hospital. “Munir al-Medani, 21, was wounded by a live bullet in his chest”, one activist said.

“He was taken to the hospital where he later died of his wounds”.

At least 14 other protesters were injured during the demonstration, some are in critical condition.

The protest began as a procession to mark the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed, and then turned into a demonstration calling for reforms and for the release of detainees.

The protesters in the region have been taking to the streets since last year calling for more freedom and financial security. Saudi forces have killed six protesters since November.

Rights groups have slammed Riyadh for its persecution of protesters and called for an investigation into the killings of several protesters this year.

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