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Thousands locked up in Saudi dungeons

shiitenews Thousands lockedA Saudi governmental human rights committee has reportedly claimed the exact number of political prisoners in the country is 4,663, with 80 percent male inmates and the rest females.
The Saudi governmental group has also rejected the number of political prisoners across the kingdom announced by independent human rights groups.
Independent human rights organizations say more than “30,000 political prisoners” are currently being held in jails across the country.
Saudi activists say the number of political detainees in a prison in the capital Riyadh has even exceeded its capacity of 7,000 political inmates.
The Saudi governmental group has also claimed its investigation into the trial of the political inmates show that the proceedings have been “fair.”
According to the report, Saudi judges cannot supervise the court sessions independently due to the fear of losing their jobs. The judges follow orders made by the Saudi Interior Ministry regarding the cases of the political prisoners.


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