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Egyptian authorities investigate Salafi Wahhabi Molvi’s involvement in illicit relations with teenager

salfi molviEgyptian authorities have caught red handed a Salafi Wahhabi molvi who is also a member of Egyptian parliament with a 19 year old girl in a car on main highway, according to Al Arabiya TV channel’s Urdu website.
Since Members of Parliament are exempted from arrest and interrogation, relevant authorities have held the teenager for investigation about her illicit relations with Ali Venus, the Salafi wahhabi molvi. He belongs to Hizb al Noor.

Media has reported that the teenage girl and the salafi molvi were travelling in a car between Cairo and Iskandria and caught red handed in an impolite and indecent condition. The salafi molvi said that the girl was ill and he was helping her in washing his face.

A prosecutor has ordered the test of virginity of the girl and her past record. It is learnt that Parliament has decided to withdraw exemption of Ali Venus from arrest and interrogation.


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