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Arab writer criticizes Saudi monarch for comments on Israeli aggression on Gaza

ghaza warArab writer Khalil Harb criticized the Saudi king’s talk about the adoption of “wisdom and forethought” in relation to the Israeli aggression on Gaza in time which this aggression resulted in dozens of dead and hundreds wounded, many of them women and children.
He said that speech attributed to Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz regarding “reasoning the mind” at the moment of redemption of the Palestinian blood, fits to be issued by the King of Sweden.

He continued saying that such a state could speak out such words, and attribute it to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), that “we must calm things down and reason the mind or else emotion will dominate the wisdom and forethought”.

He said that the Saudi King’s talk returns us to the famous statement during the war in July 2006. As soon as the war started, the Saudi Press Agency issued a statement by “an official source” saying that the kingdom itself “would like to clearly state that there must be a distinction between legitimate resistance and hasty adventurism”. That was before the “official source” gave what looked like a green light for Israel to continue the war when it said that “the time has come for these elements to bear full and sole responsibility for this irresponsible behavior that they are placed alone in the burden of ending the crisis which they created”.
He wondered whether it is fortunate for the Palestinians that the level of Saudi abandonment of them as it seems from the statement of the Saudi agency Arabia, appears as if less than it was with the Lebanese in the statement of July war. Whatever the answer, the result reflects only one scene: a brother is about to be slaughtered and a king is betting on “wisdom and forethought”. The question however is: From whom? The wisdom of whom? Precautions of whom? The Palestinian and Lebanese? Or the historical enemy and the occupier? The murderer or the murdered? The bet is on the prudence of whom, when the treacherous comes to kill important figures such as Ahmad Jabari?

He saw that the Kingdom itself, and in less than 4 years has abandoned wisdom and forethought. It entered the war against the Houthis, the poorest tribes of the Arabian Peninsula, and then intervened militarily in Bahrain to protect the regime of the King in the face of most people of the Persian Gulf, eager for political action. When it look at the crisis in Syria, it discovered that there is something magical called ‘freedom’, so it went for arming them.

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