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Saudi Arabia, ally to West and exporter of terrorism

saudi terorrSaudi Arabia is viewed as a land of contradictions by many outsiders, as the country continues its widespread support for extremism and terrorist groups while being propped up by the West.

An analyst with the Institute for Middle East Studies says wealthy Saudi figures and tribes are willing to support terrorists if they believe the extremists to be pursuing a sacred cause.
Furthermore, the WikiLeaks whistleblower website has published secret documents belonging to the US Department of State, revealing that terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda receive most of their funds from Saudi Arabia.

Nonetheless, countries such as the United States continue to hail the Saudi monarchy despite the kingdom’s support for terrorism such as funding terrorists in Iraq, Syria and Yemen among other parts of the world.

Analysts attribute the US support to the huge reserves of natural resources in Saudi Arabia, while the ruling Al Saud family has proven to be a reliable and staunch ally for Washington over the past decades.

The absolute monarchy seeks to quell any instability in the region by resorting to heavy-handed crackdowns in confronting critics at home and supporting despotic regimes in neighboring countries, the observers add.


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