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Saudi regime wary of possible uprising: Defected Prince

princeDefected Saudi Prince, Khalid bin Farhan says the Saudi regime is gravely worried about possibility of an uprising in the oil-rich kingdom.

Prince Farhan who has turned to an strong opposition figure in Saudi Arabia after he announced his defection from the royal Al Saud family, told Russia Today that the Saudi regime has been seriously scared of uprisings in other Arab countries and so authorities have been launching sever crackdowns on demonstrations, ratifying binding laws and torturing protesters.

“The least they do to a protester in Saudi Arabia is cutting his salary or firing him from his work,” Prince Farhan said in his interview aired on RT Arabic.

He complained about injustice in the kingdom and said, “There are no independent judiciary systems in Saudi Arabia. Police, attorneys and all judiciary officials work for the Interior Ministry”.

He said those who claim are defending human rights use fake documents and evidence to try political activists and they do not let them to be presented with a lawyer.

Farhan said many prisoners are held in jails for long terms and many of them are tortured and even killed by prison authorities.

He referred to United States support to the Saudi regime despite widespread violation of human rights in the Arab country and said the White House has been an old ally for the Saudi leaders and “common interests in the Middle East” are key to this close and long alliance.

Farhan announced his defection from Al Saud royal family through a statement released in July 26th.

He called on the royal family to follow his path and do not stay silent about Saudi regime human rights violations and corruptions.

Saudi Arabia has been facing social protests since 2011, influenced by the Arab Spring that started with 2011 Tunisian revolution.


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