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KSA military aid to Lebanon targets Hezbollah: Pundit

ksa1Saudi Arabia’s hefty military aid to Lebanon is Riyadh’s leverage to incite the Lebanese army to fight against the Hezbollah resistance movement, a political analyst writes at Press TV’s website.

In a Monday article, Finian Cunningham noted that Saudi Arabia has granted the USD three-billion aid, twice the national military budget of Lebanon, while the “primary source of bloodshed in Lebanon” is linked to Riyadh itself.

On Sunday, Lebanon’s President Michel Suleiman said that Saudi Arabia is giving the Lebanese army USD three billion in aid, calling it the largest military aid ever given to the country.

“The splurging of USD three billion by Saudi Arabia to “increase Lebanon’s security” is merely cynical public relations to cover up the real source of violence in that country, as well as providing Riyadh military leverage to go after Hezbollah within Lebanon,” Cunningham said.

The analyst pointed to the Friday terrorist attack in Lebanon and noted that while Hezbollah and the Syrian government have condemned the incident, Saudi Arabia’s “Lebanese proxy” Saad Hariri has passed the blame on the resistance movement and Damascus without any evidence.

On December 27, at least eight people were killed and over 70 others injured after a huge car bomb went off near the headquarters of Lebanon’s March 14 Alliance and the parliament in Beirut. Former Lebanese finance minister, Mohammad Shatah, was among those killed.

“The sectarian bloodshed inundating Syria and Iraq, and increasingly now in Lebanon, as well as in countries as far apart as Yemen and Russia, would not be happening if it were not for the blood money flowing from Saudi Arabia,” Cunningham pointed out.


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