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Saudi unveiled women banned from entering girls’ schools

women banedEducation departments in Saudi Arabia have banned female employees and visitors, who do not wear the veil, from entering girls’ schools.

According to a circular, the education departments have made it mandatory for the male and female school guards to abide by the rules, regulations and directives and moral principles.

Men should not be allowed to enter the schools except in special circumstances after checking by the female in-charge and after taking precautions to prevent mixing between genders.

The education departments stressed that the school administration and security authorities should be alerted when there are suspicions of anyone trying to enter the school or tamper with the building or contents.

In February, a female Saudi Arabian university student died in the Saudi capital of Riyadh after college authorities refused to allow male medics into the female-only campus.

A new poll in Saudi Arabia showed a majority of men believe women provoke molestation by wearing eye makeups, despite covering their whole bodies.


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