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S Arabia may face ‘strong revolution’

saudiarab protestThe Saudi regime will face a strong revolution should it continue to ignore the demands of the people in oil-rich Eastern Province, an analyst tells Press TV.

“If the Saudi government does not recognize the rights of those people, or this part of Saudi Arabia, I think that sooner or later they will face a… very strong revolution led by all Saudis in this part of Saudi Arabia,” Redwan Rizk said in an interview with Press TV on Wednesday.
He predicted that the Saudis will launch an “armed” revolution against the ruling Al Saud regime, saying Riyadh will then be in “serious trouble.”

He said the Saudi people in Eastern Province have long been “crushed under the brutality of this [Saudi] regime.”

On Wednesday, thousands took to the streets in the Qatif governorate of Eastern Province to mourn the death of two anti-government activists killed by Saudi forces.

“They (the Saudi rulers) must understand that they cannot crush or mistreat their own citizens and Saudis like those two people or many other people who are suffering [from]… regime… brutality,” said Rizk.

The anti-regime activists were killed on February 19 when government forces supported by armed vehicles stormed the town. According to government sources, two police officers were also killed during the clashes on the same day.

Eastern Province has been the scene of clashes between anti-government protesters and Saudi forces for some three years. Several people have died in the crackdown on the protests.


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