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Riyadh to US: No ‘Peace’ Plan Without East Jerusalem as Palestine Capital

Saudi Arabia has reportedly given a private guarantee to its Arab allies that it will not endorse a US’ Mideast peace plan that doesn’t address Jerusalem’s status or Palestinian refugees’ right to return, a report posted by Sputnik.

The report mentioned that Haaretz cited two senior diplomats as saying that Saudi King Salman told the Trump administration that Riyadh wouldn’t support its plan for Israeli-Palestinian ‘peace’ if it didn’t include a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem.

“They told the administration, ‘what we could do for you before Jerusalem, we won’t be able to do now’,” a diplomatic source told Haaretz, referring to the US’ recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of ‘Israel’ and the relocation of its embassy from Tel Aviv.

“Over the weekend, Reuters reported that King Salman had reassured the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas of his support.”

Sputnik’s report added that the Palestinian ambassador to Riyadh, Basem Al-Agha, was cited as saying that the king told Abbas, “We will not abandon you… We accept what you accept and we reject what you reject.”


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