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Saudi Navy launches missile strikes on Yemen

The Saudi Navy took part in the ongoing battle in northern Yemen this morning, firing several missiles towards the Houthi defenses in the Hajjah Governorate.

According to reports from northern Yemen, the Saudi Navy fired a number of missiles towards the Houthi defenses in the town of Mahatrah, which is located inside the contested Abs region of Hajjah.

The Saudi missile strikes were accompanied by a powerful ground assault by the pro-government tribal forces and Yemeni Army in the Abs region.

For several days now, the Saudi Coalition has been hammering this part of the Hajjah Governorate in a bid to weaken the Houthi resolve and help push the pro-government troops towards the provincial capital.

Despite these attacks, the pro-government gains have been limited, thanks in large part to the rugged terrain which has helped the Houthi forces greatly in the Abs region.`


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