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Saudi Arabia, UAE Provide Leaders of Sudanese Military Council with Money and Weapons

Leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have lavished money, weapons and advice on leaders of the Military Console in Sudan to ensure its control and contain the popular revolution, the New York Times reported.

The newspaper stated that Maj. Gen. Mohammad Hamdan Humaiditi, deputy head of the Military Console, received substantial financial and military support despite being accused of committing genocide in Darfur. Also, it reported that the deployment of armored vehicles of the United Arab Emirates on the streets of Khartoum comes as a rapid support for the Sudanese Forces.

A former Sudanese pilot was quoted as saying that “the Saudi and UAE cargo planes had unloaded weapons and equipment at Khartoum airport.”

It is noteworthy that the Military Console attempted to dissolve the peaceful sit-in in Khartoum after the return of its leaders from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, during which they received political and financial support for the coup against the revolution of the Sudanese people.


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