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When it Comes to Saudi Airports, Saudis Recognize, Targeting Airports Is War Crime

An official source in the Ministry of Transport said that the Yemeni army’s targeting of Abha airport is the only solution to help open the Sana’a International Airport, which was closed by the Saudi-led aggression since 9 August 2016 and to stop the aggression against the Yemeni people.

The source said in a statement to the Yemeni news Saba agency that “the countries of the coalition destroyed most of the civilian airports of the Republic of Yemen, in violation of international treaties before the eyes of the world and the Security Council.”

The source pointed out that after the targeting of Abha airport, Saudi Arabia acknowledged that the bombing of civilian airports is a war crime, forgetting the destruction and closure of Yemeni airports and the killing of civilians who were working at those airports.

“We will hear convictions from many countries for the benefit of the countries of the alliance of aggression for fear of their interests that may be affected as if what happened in Yemen does not apply to international law”, the source said.


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