13% Americans support US military going to Saudi war: Poll

Just 13 percent of Americans would support the US military joining Saudi Arabia in a conflict as part of a response to a recent attack on Saudi oil facilities, according to a new poll.

The survey, conducted by the Business Insider news website, asked participants “what, if any, role do you think the US should take in a response to the attack on the Saudi oil facilities?”

The participants were given six options and asked to select the one that comes closest to their view.

The poll found nearly 25 percent of Americans feel “the US should remove itself entirely from the affairs of the region and let Saudi Arabia handle the issue itself.”

“There’s not significant support the for the US involving itself in a Saudi war or taking military action on its behalf as a result of the Saudi oil attack, even though the incident had massive consequences and impacted 5 percent of the daily global oil supply,” Business Insider said.

A separate Business Insider poll shows that barely one in five Americans view Saudi Arabia as a US ally.

Only 22 percent of adult respondents said Saudi Arabia was an American ally, a figure that held among Democratic and Republican voters, the survey found.


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