Pompeo: US Continues to Rally International Support to ‘Counter’ Hezbollah

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday praised three south American countries for declaring Lebanon’s Hezbollah a “terror group”.

“We applaud the announcements of Colombia, Honduras, and Guatemala to designate Iran-backed Hezbollah a terrorist organization,” Pompeo tweeted.

“It and other transnational terrorist groups remain active in the region. The US continues to rally international support to counter these threats.”

Attending an international conference to discuss regional cooperation against the so-called terrorism, held in Colombia, Pompeo slammed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for embracing the Lebanese resistance group.

Hezbollah “has found a home in Venezuela under Maduro. This is unacceptable,” Pompeo said as he met with Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido for strategy talks.

Earlier Monday Colombia and Honduras officially declared Lebanon’s Hezbollah a “terrorist organization”.

-American countries


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