Civil society wants court to stop IMN from publishing book on Massacre of Shiites

Civil society group wants court to stop IMN from publishing book Massacre of Shiites in Nigeria: Survivors Account”. “We do not know the exact date of publication but we heard it will be in a couple of days. It was first written in Hausa language but has been translated to English for publication. “That book, from our investigation, is going to be a way of weeping sentiments and swaying sympathy in a way to the side of the terrorist group and convincing people that government is witch hunting the organisation. “This is not true,” he said. Omaga noted that CESJET was also praying the court to declare that IMN was truly proscribed and designated as a terrorist group by the Kaduna State government. He said that the civil society urged the court to declare that it was not in the interest of public peace to allow such a book to be published. He added that the organisation also prayed the court to quickly cause the Kaduna State Commissioner of Police to arrest Musa for attempting to drag Nigeria into a state of chaos. “We are going to submit a letter to the chief of justice informing him about the happenings around the case and seek a quick date to enable us to get quick result before there is a step down of order. “We are public interest mitigation persons who focus on justice, transparency and peace building; we are not influenced by government of the day,” he said.


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