Russia’s Federal Security Service Foils ISIL Terror Plots in Country’s South

The FSB [Federal Security Service] of Russia in the Rostov Region has uncovered and stopped the activities of an underground cell of ISIL supporters, which included six citizens of one of the Central Asian countries and Russia. They planned attacks on police officers and planned terrorist acts on medical and educational institutions , an official statement from the service said.

According to an official statement, the terrorists were planning several attacks on schools and hospitals. The news comes days after the FSB detained a ISIL sympathizer who was planning a terrorist attack in the Astrakhan region.

According to reports, the head of the cell detonated a home-made explosive device, killing himself, while the five other members were arrested by the authorities. During the raid, officers found weapons, explosive devices, and drugs in the suspects’ apartments. An investigation into the activity of the group is underway.


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