UN Probe: ISIL Committing Crimes against Humanity in Syria

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant terrorist group is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity on a large scale in areas under its control in war-ravaged Syria, UN investigators said Friday.

In its first report focused squarely on acts by the ISIL group, the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria presented a horrifying picture of what life is like in areas controlled by the extremist militants, including massacres, beheadings, sexual enslavement and forced pregnancy, AFP reported.
The ISIL is a militant group in Iraq and Syria believed to be supported by the West and some regional Arab countries. The terrorist group claims as an independent state the territory of Iraq and Syria, with implied future claims intended over more of the Levant, including Lebanon, occupied Palestine, Jordan, Cyprus, and Southern Turkey.
The ISIL members have been committing heinous crimes in the areas they have taken, including the mass execution of civilians in Iraq and Syria.


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