We Have no Strategy, ISIS is Winning: John McCain

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) told CNN, the Obama administration has no strategy to defeat ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

McCain criticizing Obama foreign policy as “failure” and saying: “When we didn’t have sustaining force behind in Iraq, and when the president turned down the advice of his head national security advisers not to arm the Free Syrian Army, that laid the groundwork for ISIS. And now we have a situation where the largest extremist caliphate in history is now in Iraq and Syria, and we have no strategy. We have no strategy to degrade or defeat it.”

Senator John McCain on US-led coalition war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria said: “first of all, it would require some boots on the ground, not like the before. But we certainly need forward air controllers. We haven’t been able to drive ISIS out of a town called Kobani using the full weight or using American airpower for several months now. We lost – we lost 86 brave Americans and 400 wounded to take Fallujah. That’s one-tenth the size of Mosul.”

“ISIS right now is winning. And we need to go after them, and we need to have more boots on the ground. We need to understand that Syria and Iraq are the same. We need to arm the Free Syrian Army. We need a no-fly zone, which many of us have been calling for, for years, and a coherent strategy that can be presented to the Congress, because they’re going to be wanting an authorization for the use of military force” he claimed.


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