‘Hundreds of ISIL Britons Terrorists have returned home’

This is while some 700 British extremists considered “dangerous” by the intelligence services have travelled to Syria and Iraq since the start of a conflict that has seen huge swathes of the region overrun by the Takfiri terrorists.

Of those, about 320 ha​ve now returned and are officially listed as “people of interest”.

A further 700 British people, who are not considered as a threat to national security have also visited the region.

Previously, the government had estimated about 500 extremists had fought along with ISIL and that 250 had come back.

The Telegraph also said that about “two dozen” individuals who have come back have been involved in plots in the UK, so far thwarted.

Now, Massoud Shadjareh, the co-founder of Islamic Human Rights Commission in London, says the British “government wants to use and exaggerate the numbers, so they could actually bring further anti-terror legislation” which demonizes the Muslim community and heightens security in the country.

A far higher proportion of Britons, who currently go to Syria, are now intent on committing terrorist acts, according to a Home Office analysis.


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