ISIL elements ‘return’ to UK to stage terror attacks

A former member of ISIL terrorist group says that Takfiri terrorists have already made their way from Syria to the UK to carry out attacks there.

The ISIL defector said several men who have been trained in ISIL terror camp in Syria have returned to the UK.

The terrorists have been trained for six weeks, he said in an exclusive documentary aired on Sky News,

“After we did the training, we joined the [IS] elite security force. We were very close to them [the foreign fighters], taking care of them. We didn’t interfere in their business…They came from everywhere. The people trained for a month and a half. Some of them went back to their countries and some stayed with us,” said the ISIL defector.

Meanwhile, a London-based political commentator has cast doubt on British police ability to counter any possible terror attacks by the ISIL.

“No security service anywhere in the world can guarantee to stop suicide bombers. They can go some way towards trying to prevent these attacks but if there is a dedicated suicide bomber, what can they do about it?,” Alan Hart told Press TV’s UK Desk on Wednesday.

Back in May, Scotland Yard announced that hundreds of potential terror suspects who traveled to Syria are believed to have come back to the UK.

Police say around half of more than 700 suspects who made the journey to the war-torn country have already returned.

New figures also reveal a rise in the arrest of suspected terrorists. According to Scotland Yard, 338 people, including several female and teenagers, were detained in 2014-15 – a rise of a third compared to the previous year.


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