US prepares for big war with China to topple its economy: Activist

The United States is trying to establish peace with Iran because it is preparing to start a bigger war with China to destroy its economy, an American anti-war activist in Chicago says.

Joe Iosbaker, a leader of the United National Antiwar Coalition, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Friday while commenting on a report which says more senators have announced to support the Iran nuclear agreement.

On Wednesday, Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski became the 34th senator to announce that she would support the historic nuclear accord reached between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries in Vienna in July. On Thursday, Democratic Senators Cory Booker and Mark Warner said they will also back the agreement.

Democrats need at least 34 votes in the Senate, or 146 in the House of Representatives, to sustain the veto President Barack Obama has promised. The new development means Democrats will now have enough votes to protect the nuclear agreement in Congress.

“President Obama would succeed in passing the Iran nuclear deal. The US needs a peace deal with Iran for their pivot to Asia. They need peace with Iran because they can’t prepare to fight two major wars,” Iosbaker said, referring to the Obama administration’s pivot to Asia strategy, which envisages that 60 percent of the total US armed forces would be deployed under the Pacific Command, with China as its focal point.

“So in recent days, first 34 and now 36 senators say they would support the deal with Iran. This means that if the Republicans and pro-war Zionists succeed in passing a resolution disapproving the Iran nuclear resolution, Obama would veto their resolution, and he has the minimum level of sustain his veto,” he added.

“The confirmation of his victory over the Republicans and those hardened Zionists is a defeat for the stance of Israel and [Persian] Gulf states who want a war with Iran,” the activist continued.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Iosbaker said, “All the politicians in the US, [in] both parties, they represent the supper rich. These people, the super rich, overall favor this deal. Why? They want the US back on the top of the world economy.”

“But it’s harder and harder to accomplish that. They are using their free trade agreements with their puppets, like the Philippines, but the imperialists are challenged by the trend of independent developing economies by third world countries that have defeated US wars, like in Iraq and in Afghanistan and then Syria, which is overall defeating” foreign-sponsored Takfiris, he added.

“So, Obama has a rational plan. He has indentified China as the only economic power that can really displace the US at the top of the world economic heap. Therefore, it is with China that the US is preparing for war,” the analyst stated.

Relations between the US and China have become increasingly strained after Beijing announced an air defense zone over the East China Sea in November 2013. China has repeatedly accused Washington of meddling in the regional issues and deliberately stirring up tensions in the East and South China Seas.

“Of course, as Russia has been compelled to stand up to the US aggression, the Russians are facing a greater threat as well. But, anyway, the Iran deal is not the US seeking peace, it’s the US avoiding a war with Iran to prepare for a bigger war with China,” Iosbaker concluded.


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