After Regime-Change Folly: France Joins Iran, Russia in ISIL War

In light of the Paris attacks, France has agreed to step up military and intelligence cooperation with Russia – and Iran – to fight against ISIL in Syria.

In departure from his silly rhetoric of the past, Francois Hollande, the very same French president who until yesterday wanted to unseat his Syrian counterpart, now says Bashar Assad can stay in power too! The most interesting part of this new shift in policy is that the US Defense Department also acknowledges that Russia’s air campaign is concentrated on ISIL and not the Syrian people. This is interesting:

* Everything happens for a reason. Predictably, things went horribly wrong in Paris so that the French government would appreciate them when they are right. The thing that counts most in the “real war on terror” is that Hollande has now decided to choose the right companion. Iran and Russia are more than ever prepared to help France, even though they have some reservations for those who started this whole mess in the first place.

* Washington refuses to swallow its pride. It is not cooperating or coordinating with Moscow in terms of targets. Still, the US and its minions have inched closer to unity with Iran and Russia over the ISIL war. The deadly attacks in Paris, Beirut, Baghdad, and elsewhere that killed untold numbers of innocent civilians dictate that they do so. ISIL, an American-Saudi project, has vowed to attack Washington and the War Party is not taking any chances.

* Which takes us to four years ago. That time, Iran’s Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei warned the War Party and its minions that the root of the righteousness shall not be removed, He said terrorism knows no borders and called ISIL the biggest threat to Mideast stability – with global implications. Tragic enough, his historic warning never took center stage in political conversations in the West.

* It took four years for foolheated parties to wake up. Now they seek what Tehran and Moscow had been saying all this time. Secretary of State John Kerry says new progress on a framework for joint action against ISIL by the US, Russia, France, European nations, and key Persian Gulf states — including Iran – has been made. He says this could mean a possible cease-fire inside Syria in a matter of weeks.

* The truth is ISIL didn’t spring up out of nowhere. The US and its regional vassals bear a lot of the responsibility. Flushed with petrodollars and US-made weapons, the medieval “Caliphate” turned into the wealthiest terrorist group in the world. It was the contributions of Saudis, Emiratis and Qataris to the “holy war” that turned Syria and Iraq into failed states. The Persian Gulf potentates and ISIL share the same strategic perspective: Assad’s ouster, which turned out to be wishful thinking.

* It’s a fact which most pundits and politicians in the West are now mentioning openly. They say, and the whole world says, they foolishly created the best environment for all manners of terrorism and extremism to expand and grow, not just in the region, but also in Europe. With ISIL continuing to attract massive numbers of recruits in Europe the regime changers have become hopeless. They want help and they want it now.

* The United States and Europe don’t possess the will or the capacity to undertake the new war on ISIL. Amid the growing disquiet, they are aware that in the absence of Iran and Russia, as well as diplomatic and political moves, no “pitiless” war can provide a remedy or a favourable outcome to their growing problem at hand: Widespread disorder and terrorism roiling much of the European continent, with potential to spill into the US and beyond at any time.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: It takes two to speak truth – one to speak and another to hear. The truth is that despite spending billions of dollars in intelligence sharing, drone strikes, air strikes, advisory missions, training camps, arms supplies, sanctions, naval blockade, and so on and so forth, the US-led efforts to ouster the Syrian government in alliance with terrorist groups have produced the opposite result. In this wickedness, hundreds of thousands of innocent people have also lost their lives. The ignorant parties should remember: “For all these things God will bring them into judgement.”


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