Sheikh Zakzaky’s Daughter Describes Zaria Massacre; Being Shiite, Only Reason for My Father Torture

Saying that my father’s thinking originated from those of Imam Khomeini (R.A.) and Ahl al-Bayt (A.S.), Sheikh Zakzaky’s daughter said, “Being Shi’ite is my father’s only fault before the Nigerian Army”.

In a ceremony held to commemorate martyrs of Nigeria’s Islamic Movement and to support the leader of Shi’ites of Africa, Sheikh Zakzaky’s daughter explained the incident and stressed, “It was about 10 when I called my sister and she told me that my mother wanted to talk about an important issue. I could not understand my mother’s speech while I was talking to her and I got understood about the incident later via SMS. They sent a message indicating that all have been killed and the house has been set in fire”. This commemoration ceremony was hosted by Astan Quds Razavi’s Institution of Consultation Services, the youth, and social Researches in holy city of Mashhad, Iran.

“My mother told me that they have hidden in a house’s corner and wanted me to pray form them since they were in real danger. Later, on Sunday at 12, my sister called me from Dubai and she told that our father have called her and said all of them have been shot”, she added.

Sheikh Zakzaky’s daughter went on, “One of my brothers called my sister and told her that all the family members had been shot. While he was talking to my sister, one of the army personnel took his phone and from that time, we have not had any information about our parents”.

She added, “I demand the Nigerian government to allow me to visit my parents if they are alive. I also want the regime to tell me about my three brothers’ place. I want to know about their body if they have lost their lives. Where are my sister and my family”?

Sheikh Zakzaky’s daughter said, “Disturbing the mourning ceremonies on Imam Reza (A.S.) martyrdom anniversary was the goal of enemies”. She also said, “I do thank Iranian nation, al-Mustafa International University, Grand Ayatollahs, and particularly Astan Quds Razavi for the support they provided for the Nigeria’s martyrs. I also appreciate all the countries that took to the streets and showed their solidarity with us”.

Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky’s son in law also said, “Sheikh Zakzaky is not the only Shi’ites religious leader in Nigeria but his deep knowledge of Ahl al-Bayt (A.S.) has changed him into a person that has got many followers and companions in different parts of Nigeria and also other neighboring countries. Sheikh Zakzaky was trying to promote insight by having a new look at the situations”.

Aghil said, “Zakzaky is honored by all sects since he is preaching true Islam. For this reason, the enemies have tried, since ten years ago, to form a conflict among Islamic sects. Taking the advantage of his wisdom, Sheikh Zakzaki stopped this incident and disappointed them”.

The report suggests that the audience of this ceremony condemned the recent crime in Nigeria by chanting some slogans including “Death to America”, “Death to Israel”, “Death to Britain”, “Death to hypocrite”, “Labbayk Ya Hussein”, “Labbayk Ya Khomeini”, “Labbayk Ya Khamenei”, “Labbayk Ya Zeynab”, and “Labbayk Ya Zakzaky”.


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