Kenyan Army Kill Al-Shabaab Intelligence Chief, 52 Terrorists

Al-Shabaab deputy commander has been killed in an air strike in Nadaris camp by a Kenyan airstrike.

Mahad Mohammed Karatey was al-Shabaab’s deputy commander and chief of the Almniyat – al Shabaab’s intelligence unit, Kenya-based website reported.

The strike earlier this month targeted a camp where the Kenya Defence Forces said the Amniyat, Al-Shabaab’s intelligence wing, was training around 80 recruits.

“Karatey had gone to the camp to preside over the passing out of an estimated 80 Almniyat recruits who were due to carry out terrorist attacks,” a Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) statement says.

While KDF announced it has killed 52 terrorist along with the terrorist group’s intelligence chief, Al-Shabaab contradicted the KDF on a radio station sympathetic to their cause — Radio Andulus — saying “Al-Shabaab denies that any airstrike targeting Al-Shabaab has taken place. The intention of Kenya is to divert attention from El Adde, [Somali,] where hundreds of Kenyan troops died.”

In addition, CNN cited a Somali intelligence source as saying that officials do not believe that Karatey is dead. They also believe an Amniyat training program would never involve so many people.

Al-Shabaab is officially affiliated with al Qaeda and is fighting a guerrilla war in Somalia. It has also regularly carried out attacks with multiple casualties in Kenya and has sworn revenge for that country’s military participation against the terrorists in Somalia.

The terror group, although pledged allegiance to ISIS last year.



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