Indonesian Wahhabis disrupted Sayyida Fatima’s birth ceremony

Birth Anniversary of Sayyida Fatima (PBUH) was held on Friday 1st April with the participation of Shiite and Sunni Muslims in Bangil Town in Indonesia.

Coinciding with this event, tens of extremist Wahhabis gathered in front of the venue, shouted anti-Shiite slogans and demanded the closure of the ceremony.

According to ABNA news Bangil, extremist Wahhabis also staged a protest in the road leading to the venue of the birth of Lady Zahra. The protesters believe that this event will be caused the spread of Shiism in Indonesia and therefore must be prevented from holding it.

Indonesian women present at the ceremony, reacted to the protests with sending salutation to Prophet Muhammad and singing praise of Lady Zahra.

Some of the women volunteer police made a human circle, preventing Wahhabis from reaching the gathering of women were participated in the event.

Unfortunately Wahhabi extremists’ protest disrupted the ceremony. The protest took place while the organizers of the event had received permission from police and local authorities. It is while the celebration is held every year in the city and so far there has not been any protest from locals against it.

It is noteworthy that Indonesian Wahhabis tried to disrupt the last Muharam mourning ceremony by holding a protest against Shia and Sunni mourners in Makassar city but their plot foiled by presence of police.

‘Bangil’ is the name of a region and a city in East Java Indonesia which consists of eleven rural district and four villages. Wahhabis are influential in East Java and since year 2000 they killed, burned homes and displaced Shiite Muslims in Sampang.


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