London Protestors warn sit-in outside Pakistan High Commission on Shia-Killings

The protest outside the Pakistan’s High Commission in London (UK) held on 2nd consecutive day against the incidents of Shia Genocide in Pakistan, Government and Law Enforcement Agencies inaction against terrorists and in solidarity with MWM Secretary General Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Hunger Strike.

The speakers included Maulana Ghulam Hur Shabbiri, Maulana Syed Ali Reza Rizvi, Maulana Raja Ahmed Ali and Maulana Taqi Rizvi in their addresses and then meeting with Deputy High COmmisison of Pakistan at London on Tuesday Evening warned to accept the demands Of Allama Raja Nasir in 12 hours or they will stage the Hunger-Strike sit-in for indefinite period outside the Pakistani High Commission London against the Government affiliations with terrorists.

Scores of Pakistanis gathered outside Pakistan High Commission in London on 2nd consecutive day to protest against the ongoing genocide of Pakistan’s Shia Muslims by Saudi-funded terrorists who also enjoyed the support of the blacksheep’s in Government and military establishment ranks.

As expected, Pakistan’s mainstream media including progressive journalists ignored a significant number of Pakistanis who had gathered outside Pakistan High Commission to protest against the ongoing Shia killings which is taking place in the country since the days  of Saudi-CIA sponsored Afghan Jihad.


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