Moscow Vows Response to NATO Build-up on Russia’s Frontiers

Moscow has pledged to monitor NATO moves on Russia’s borders, warning to take necessary measures in response to the security risks arising from the Western military alliance’s build-up.

Russia’s Ambassador to NATO Alexander Grushko made the remarks on Friday following a meeting by the bloc’s foreign ministers in the Belgian capital, Brussels.

Grushko said NATO’s new planning in Europe will be taken into account and “all the necessary military-technical measures will be taken to limit the risks related to the new configuration of forces that has appeared on our (Russia’s) borders.”

The Russian envoy further called for a qualitative review of NATO’s relations with Moscow, criticizing the coalition for boosting its military activity in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea.

NATO is seeking “to project its military force onto us using constant rotations, endless drills, the creation of additional groups and the position of missile defense facilities along our borders,” he said.

The remarks came one day after NATO foreign ministers finalized the alliance’s biggest military build-up since the end of the Cold War to counter what they called a more aggressive and unpredictable Russia.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Grushko said there is no sign of NATO’s readiness to return to normal interaction with Russia.

He further warned that the alliance will hurt its own interests if it continues with its policy of combining deterrence and dialogue in its approach to Russia.


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