Wahabis failed attempt at disruption of Imam Hussain mourning ceremony in Indonesia

Wahabis in different cities of Indonesia attempted at disrupting and disturbing Imam Hussain (A) mourning ceremonies; however they all failed.

mourning ceremonies of Imam Hussain (A) have been held all across Indonesian cities including “Jakarta”, “Palu”, and “Semarang”.

However, as usual, Wahabis tried to stop the ceremonies by holding demonstrations and gathering in front of the places where people mourned Ashura events.

In Jakarta where 2000 Shiite and Sunni Muslims attended the Ashura processions, 50 Wahabis gathered to disrupt the ceremonies. In other cities too, Wahabis tried to stop the processions but they all failed.

Police forces protected the people and the processions. The police chief addressed the protesters and said, “The ceremony is legal and the government has granted permissions to hold it. Therefore it is our duty to protect it till the end”.

Despite the protests, the mourning ceremonies are held all the better every year. Both Shiite and Sunni scholars held speeches in this years’ ceremonies while the Wahabi protestors failed at their attempt to disrupt the mournings.

Indonesian Ahlul Bayt Organization (ABI) and IJABI organization host these mourning ceremonies in Indonesia.


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